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Healing and strengthening the lives of children & families

This has been our mission since 1843, today we have expanded our services to maintain this mission for everyone

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Helping people since 1843 and continuing to fulfill our mission.

Established in 1843, CFS has become one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in Southeast Massachusetts. Starting our journey helping whaling families, we have now expanded our services and outreach to offer a variety of programs. Located across Massachusetts CFS has 11 locations servicing clients of all needs.

Programs and Services

Child and Family Services is a dedicated resource offering a comprehensive range of programs and services to support the well-being of children and families. Our diverse offerings include mental health services, adoption programs, family strengthening initiatives, and community outreach. From In-Home Therapy to Adoption Journeys, we are committed to providing tailored support, fostering resilience, and building strong, lasting connections within our community. Explore our website for detailed information on how we can assist you and your family on the journey to well-being and success.

Community Behavioral Health Center (CBHC)

CBHC serves as an entry point for timely, flexible, person-centered, high-quality mental health and addiction treatment on an urgent and ongoing basis. Our CBHC helps individuals & families engage in the mental health & substance use service they need as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide access to care right away that is affordable and convenient for you.

Outreach Services

Our outreach programs have dedicated staff to support and guide individuals and families to help them through difficult situations to improve their lives. We will come to you, in your home and in your community to ensure that the right match is made. Outreach Services can support, treat, and navigate through trauma, mental illness, and mentorship to name a few.

Specialized Adoption Services

Adoption Services provides services for children who have been in the custody of the Department of Children & Families who have the goal of adoption or have been adopted.

Donate & Support CFS

Child & Family Services relies on donations to stabilize and expand several of our programs and to help us reach our goals. Our Caring Network program is a MOVA (Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance) funded program that requires a match of 25% of the grant funding and our Adoption program relies of donations to expand the services they provide. We also count on gift in kind donations to replenish games, art supplies and materials for our outreach programs and CCS units.

News & Announcements

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actually CARE about Children and Families


I love my therapist, she truly cares and has helped me more than I could have hoped. The staff is so respectful, the office is clean and safe. They really care about their patients. I recommend it to anyone in need of services!


I had lost my child and had been suffering for some time with self blame and shame and self harming thoughts and they really helped my meds helped me and I'd love to shout out all the staff lovely people.


I spent quite a few days/nights there. Off and on from 11 up to 21. They always were professional, caring, and extremely helpful. I'm 36 now and I believe without a doubt I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the love and passion they had for their work. They gave me the tools I still use today. And that picture of the smoking area triggered so many memories. Thanks to all the professionals who work here and in that field.


I had a good experience on the unit. Extremely patient and kind during a very low time for me. Thank you!


I've been going there for help several years now and I do see the light.


Caring, loving staff! They're always there to help! Thank you!!