National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year we are launching a large community campaign surrounding it. Participating in this campaign can send a powerful message: Mental health is important, and by joining together, we are advocating for and supporting those who are struggling.

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About Mental Health Month

The 2024 theme, Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World, reminds us that dealing with life's pressures can be overwhelming, and everyone deserves to feel supported and empowered to seek help when needed.

We'd love your help with a coordinated effort to bring awareness to the topic of mental health in our communities. Your participation comes with a free digital toolkit that can be used throughout May which provides practical resources and information on where to start finding help for mental health challenges.

Let’s make May a month of mental health awareness, support, and action.


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2024 Hashtags

Use the following hashtags to tie Mental Health Awareness Month–related content together. Using these hashtags will serve as a unifying thread for social media content related to MHAM, making it easy for people to find and follow the conversations