In Home Therapy

The MassHealth service for children and youth, aged 3-21, is specifically designed to address social, emotional, or behavioral challenges in this demographic. Tailored for those under the age of 21, this program provides comprehensive support to enhance their mental health and well-being. Through a range of services, MassHealth aims to address and manage the unique social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and youth, fostering a path towards positive growth and development.


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Program Information

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How to Receive IHT Services

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IHT Program Information

Outreach Services

What is the purpose of the IHT program?

Is designed to treat the youth’s emotional and behavioral health and promote healthy family function through intensive family therapy and case worker’s one-on-one contact with the youth.

Outreach Services

How does the IHT program help?

In-Home Therapy may be provided in the home, foster home, school, childcare center, respite setting and other community settings to:

  • enhance problem-solving, limit-setting, risk management, safety planning and communication;
  • build skills to strengthen the family, advance therapeutic goals and improve interaction;
  • identify and utilize community resources;
  • develop and maintain natural supports for the family to promote sustainability of treatment gains
Outreach Services

Who makes up the IHT program?

Master's-Level clinician and Therapeutic Training and Support staff

IHT Locations

The IHT program is available in the following locations. For more information on any of facilities below, click the Learn More button under the site of your interest

Fall River

160 Osborn St, Fall River MA 02724

Information: 508 676 5708
IHT: x5012
Adoption: 774 488 5019
Adoption Journeys: (774)488-5006
Parent Mentor: (774) 488-5007
TM: 508 676 5708 (x5010)
YPS: (508) 676-5708 (x5007)
YPC: (508) 676 5708 (x5001)
Parents as Teachers: (508) 676-5708 (x7007)
CBHC: (508) 676-5708

Fax:(508) 676-1948

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-8pm

New Bedford

3057 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford MA 02745

Info: (508) 990-0894
Caring Network: (508) 742-3915
CSA: (508) 742-3940
EFS: (508) 742-3862
IHT: (508) 990-0894
Mixed Population: (508) 742-3950
TM: (508) 990-0894
Beyond House: 508-962-2960
MYDP: (508) 742-3950

Fax:(508) 990-0298

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-5pm


100 Independence Drive, Hyannis MA 02601

Information: 508 778-1839
IHT: x3012
Outpatient: 508 778-1839
TM: (508) 0778-1839 (x3087)

Fax:(508) 775-1245

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am-6:30pm
Fri: 8am-5pm
2nd & 4th Sat of the month: 8am-12pm