Parent Mentor

Parent Mentor is a comprehensive educational and advocacy program for families referred to by the Department of Children and families (DCF (Department of Children and Families)). Parent Mentors work with families to learn new and improved ways of coping with the challenges of everyday life. The focus of the program is to strengthen families at risk for child abuse or neglect.


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Program Information

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How to Receive Parent Mentor Services

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Please be aware that we do not accept standard referrals. However, there are alternative enrollment pathways available. Feel free to explore these options to directly access our programs and services. We look forward to assisting you through these alternative channels.


Please be aware that walk-ins are currently not permitted for this program. To enroll in this program and receive services, kindly explore one of our alternative enrollment methods. We look forward to assisting you through these designated channels.

Phone Call

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Parent Mentor Program Information

Outreach Services

What is the purpose of the Parent Mentor program?

The purpose is to keep children safely with their families to spare them the trauma of separation and loss.

Outreach Services

How does the Parent Mentor program help?

Parent Mentors work together with families to educate and support them in the following areas:

  • Essential parenting skills
  • Supervision
  • Hygiene issues
  • Non-physical means of discipline
  • Appropriate housing
  • Advocacy and referral
Outreach Services

Who makes up the Parent Mentor program?

Clinical staff, case managers and supervisors who provide individual and group treatment to parents, their children and other family members.

Parent Mentor Locations

The Parent Mentor program is available in the following locations. For more information on any of facilities below, click the Learn More button under the site of your interest

Fall River

160 Osborn St, Fall River MA 02724

Information: 508 676 5708
IHT: x5012
Adoption: 774 488 5019
Adoption Journeys: (774)488-5006
Parent Mentor: (774) 488-5007
TM: 508 676 5708 (x5010)
YPS: (508) 676-5708 (x5007)
YPC: (508) 676 5708 (x5001)
Parents as Teachers: (508) 676-5708 (x7007)
CBHC: (508) 676-5708

Fax:(508) 676-1948

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-8pm