ASPIRE (Achieve Success Promote Individual Resilience & Excellence)

This is a free, supportive resource available to any student enrolled at Keith, Normandin, or Roosevelt Middle School. Supports middle-school students in achieving their personal and academic goals.

ASPIRE is a BSAS-funded program that works in partnership with New Bedford Public Schools and is currently active in Keith, Normandin, and Roosevelt Middle Schools. Youth enrolled in ASPIRE work with a Success Coach team to identify and achieve their personal goals through individual mentoring, psycho-education groups, and recreational activities. Services take place year-round in the school and community.


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Program Information

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How to Receive ASPIRE Services

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ASPIRE Program Information

Outreach Services

What is the purpose of the ASPIRE program?

The purpose is to help students build skills that enable them to be successful and satisfied in school and the community. ASPIRE offers youth opportunities to experience this in a healthy, safe, and supportive way.

ASPIRE staff recognize that middle school youth have an innate desire to belong, learn, and have fun. ASPIRE offers youth opportunities to experience this in a healthy, safe, and supportive way.

Outreach Services

How does the ASPIRE program help?

Your youth will meet individually with a Success Coach during the school day for support with academic, social, and emotional goals. After-school groups are offered at each school 3-4 days per week and are an opportunity for your child to socialize and learn new skills. ASPIRE groups use fun and creativity to teach important life skills such as communication, healthy relationships and boundaries, managing stress and anxiety, and preventing substance use.

ASPIRE also holds family events that provide opportunities for all ASPIRE families to come together to enjoy good food and good company. Some events bring the whole family together. At other events, adults will learn about a topic impacting their youth while children enjoy games and other enriching activities.

Outreach Services

Who makes up the ASPIRE program?

ASPIRE consists of a clinical supervisor and six success coaches (two per school). ASPIRE also welcomes interns to assist with research and programming.

ASPIRE Locations

The ASPIRE program is available in the following locations. For more information on any of facilities below, click the Learn More button under the site of your interest

New Bedford

965 Church St, New Bedford MA 02745

MCI: (508) 996-3154
ACCS: (508) 992-0444
YCCS: (508) 984-4175
ASPIRE: (508) 996-8572
Outpatient: (508)996-8572

Fax:(508) 991-8618

Hours: M-F 8a-8p, S/S 9a-5p, Same Day Access: Monday 8am-3pm Tuesday 11am-6pm Wednesday 8am-3pm Thursday 11am-6pm Friday 8am-3pm AMCI/YMCI: 24/7