Therapeutic Mentoring (TM)

Therapeutic Mentoring is offered in Massachusetts through the Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI). This program teaches kids to solve problems creatively and develop other essential life skills. Offers structured one-to-one, strength-based support services to youth (under 21) to address daily living, social, and communication needs.


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Program Information

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How to Receive TM Services

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Phone Call

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TM Program Information

Outreach Services

What is the purpose of the TM program?

TM is designed to give children and teens the opportunity for skill building through experiences that would naturally occur in their everyday life, at their home, foster home, childcare center, or other setting.

Outreach Services

How does the TM program help?

Therapeutic Mentoring can help build a child's confidence by matching them with a skilled adult. TMs work closely with other important people in a child's life such as therapist, teacher, and members of your wraparound team. Services are provided in any setting where the youth reside, such as the home (including foster homes and therapeutic foster homes), and in community settings, such as schools, childcare centers, respite settings, as well as other culturally and linguistically appropriate community settings. Services include:

  • Coaching, supporting, and training the youth in age-appropriate behaviors
  • Teaching interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving

The Therapeutic Mentoring Program is offering a new specialty service, Young Adult Peer Mentoring (YAPM). Young Adult Peer Mentoring is a specialty expertise based on sharing one’s lived experience of mental health challenges with purpose and intent to inspire hope and motivation in another young adult who is struggling with similar concerns.

Outreach Services

Who makes up the TM program?

Therapeutic Mentors are people over the age of 21 who bring a vast amount of knowledge, skills, and empathy to the clients they serve. Most mentors hold degrees of higher education in psychology or other social service fields. All Therapeutic Mentors hold Community Health Worker certifications and have been trained in behavior modification, strength-based interventions, and trauma-informed care.

Additionally, some mentors are trained in Young Adult Peer Mentoring. Young Adult Peer Mentors (YAPM), use their lived experience as an active ingredient in a therapeutic process.

TM Locations

The TM program is available in the following locations. For more information on any of facilities below, click the Learn More button under the site of your interest

Fall River

160 Osborn St, Fall River MA 02724

Information: 508 676 5708
IHT: x5012
Adoption: 774 488 5019
Adoption Journeys: (774)488-5006
Parent Mentor: (774) 488-5007
TM: 508 676 5708 (x5010)
YPS: (508) 676-5708 (x5007)
YPC: (508) 676 5708 (x5001)
Parents as Teachers: (508) 676-5708 (x7007)
CBHC: (508) 676-5708

Fax:(508) 676-1948

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-8pm

New Bedford

3057 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford MA 02745

Info: (508) 990-0894
Caring Network: (508) 742-3915
CSA: (508) 742-3940
EFS: (508) 742-3862
IHT: (508) 990-0894
Mixed Population: (508) 742-3950
TM: (508) 990-0894
Beyond House: 508-962-2960
MYDP: (508) 742-3950

Fax:(508) 990-0298

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-5pm


100 Independence Drive, Hyannis MA 02601

Information: 508 778-1839
IHT: x3012
Outpatient: 508 778-1839
TM: (508) 0778-1839 (x3087)

Fax:(508) 775-1245

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am-6:30pm
Fri: 8am-5pm
2nd & 4th Sat of the month: 8am-12pm